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Professional Services

Falconwood offers the full range of professional services that are needed today by government agencies to deliver solutions that are cost effective, improve mission performance, and enhance the quality of service to the organization’s customers. Falconwood’s professional services cover all aspects of Information Technology, including planning, analysis, design, development, testing, integration, and implementation of information systems and networks.

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Falconwood’s cyber professionals, comprised of Risk Management Framework professionals (ISSOs, ISSEs, Validators, AOs), cybersecurity analysts, inspection specialists, and internal controls specialists form a Cybersecurity community of practice that integrates cyber and test & evaluation activities into the acquisition and system development lifecycle. As a result, we help clients identify vulnerabilities, manage risk, and implement security processes that improve the protection of their IT systems and critical resources. We are agile, effective, and innovative in meeting our clients’ missions, applying our depth  and breadth of experience.

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Cloud Solutions

Our cloud professionals provide cloud engineering, analysis, and technical support for all cloud planning, design, and implementation activities across common cloud platforms, while overlaying fundamental concepts such as Digital Transformation, DevSecOps, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and As-a-Service models. We work with our clients to identify the appropriate cloud strategy, modernization roadmap, technology stacks, and system model(s) and then assist with a secure, cost-effective, migration.

Cyber & Cloud
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Data Science & Business Intelligence

Falconwood’s comprehensive suite of services spans
from traditional Data Science and Analytics to the
nuanced realms of Business Intelligence. We employ
state-of-the-art techniques in Data Mining, KNIME
analytics, and Machine Learning, enabling us to
uncover hidden patterns and predictive insights from

complex data sets.

Simultaneously, our Business Intelligence expertise focuses on transforming these insights into strategic business value. This involves robust Data Collection and Integration, creating a seamless flow of information that forms the backbone of informed decision-making. Through Predictive Modeling and Data Product Management, we ensure that our clients are not just reacting to market trends but are also anticipating them.

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Program & Project Management

Using Proven Methods such as SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, PMBOK, as well as hybrid methods, Falconwood's program management services ensure well-coordinated, cost effective, adaptive, and on time delivery throughout the program life cycle. Strong communication across teams and roles provides optimal performance and successful assessments, approvals, and ultimately successful completion of an organization’s projects. Using the latest tools and innovative thought processes we create automated data collection and display dashboards and reports to assist in project

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Systems Engineering & Modeling

Falconwood empowers clients with the seamless implementation of digital engineering. Our Systems Engineering and Modeling services are crafted to ensure that information systems and networks are meticulously designed to capitalize on agency architectures and IT standards. This guarantees optimal interoperability with other systems and networks, positioning your organization for success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through our model-based system concepts, we engineer systems for reliability and maintainability, strategically leveraging commercial off-the-shelf technology and organizationally available resources for cost effective solutions. We go beyond conventional approaches, drawing on lessons learned and industry-leading products to deliver quantifiable and quality benefits to our clients.

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IT Service Management

Falconwood utilizes industry best practices, such as ITIL and Lean Six Sigma, as well as DoD and DoD Component policy and frameworks, such as the DoD Enterprise Service Management Framework (DESMF) and Navy Process Reference Manual (NPRM). We apply these to address business and mission needs by assisting in establishing repeatable processes and actionable performance metrics to provide effective management of activities, knowledge, data, and information throughout our clients’ organizations. 

Sys & ITSM
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IT Logistics Management

Falconwood delivers integrated logistics and product support expertise that aligns system capability with manpower, supply, training, facilities, transportation, and sustainment needs. We define support requirements, evaluate total lifecycle cost, and perform critical system support functions such as IT Asset Management, Manpower Planning & Training, Human Systems Integration, Maintenance Planning, Facilities & Data Center Management, and Technical Data Management.

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Acquisition Management

Falconwood expertly aids clients in establishing, implementing, and sustaining Acquisition Programs. We perform business case analyses, establish acquisition system requirements, and author acquisition documentation. We help our mission partners in determining appropriate acquisition policy and paths and prepare budgetary documentation and Milestone Decision briefs. Post system contract award, we prepare contract requirements & documentation, oversee requirements execution, perform technical evaluations, and facilitate contract actions. We ensure that an organization’s IT requirements, plans, and budgets are well-defined, defendable, executable, and consistent with industry best practices and policy.

Itlog & Acq
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