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Falconwood Sponsors ThunderCat for Warrior Canine Connection Program

WCC’s Thundercat  

Named in honor of United States Army Major Tom Deierlein 

United States Army Major Tom Deierlein's commitment to service began at a young age. At 13, he meticulously planned his future: attend West Point, serve five years in the Army, and then transition to a successful business career. His family's strong tradition of military service deeply influenced this path. His father, a China Marine during World War II, and his sister, a Navy nurse, instilled in him a profound sense of patriotism and duty. 

Entering West Point at 17, Tom graduated in 1989 and became an Infantry Officer, completing both Airborne and Army Ranger School. His early military career saw him serve in the Berlin Brigade in West Germany shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2005, he was called back to active duty as a Civil Affairs Officer in Baghdad, a deployment that profoundly impacted his life. During this time, he was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. 

Tom's combat injury in Baghdad was life-altering. Near death, he received emergency treatment and narrowly survived multiple critical moments, including a harrowing flight from Landstuhl, Germany, to Walter Reed Hospital. These experiences, along with eight months of convalescence, transformed him. He emerged from this ordeal more patient, empathetic, and committed to serving others. 

This period of reflection led Tom to establish the TD Foundation, a volunteer organization dedicated to aiding the children of wounded warriors and fallen heroes, providing crucial support to Veterans’ families in crisis. 

Beyond his military career, Tom is the founder and CEO of ThunderCat Technology. Since 1993, he has been involved in the sales, marketing, and operations of mission-critical applications and emerging technologies. His call sign in Baghdad, “ThunderCat 6,” inspired the company’s name. 

Major Tom Deierlein's story is one of resilience, transformation, and unwavering dedication to service, both in and out of uniform. 


It is with tremendous pride that we name WCC’s Thundercat in honor of United States Army Major Tom Deierlein 

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