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Using proven methods such as Agile, PMBOK, and Hybrid our program management services ensure well-coordinated, cost effective, adaptive, and on time delivery throughout the program life cycle. Strong communication across teams and roles provides optimal performance and successful assessments, approvals, and ultimately successful completion of an organization’s projects. Using the latest tools and innovative thought processes we create automated data collection and display dashboards and reports to assist in project management.

Summary of Experience

  • Continuous Communication Throughout the Project Life Cycle

  • Strong Project Planning and Requirements Review

  • Scheduled Development and Adherence

  • Budgeted Adherence and Management

  • High Quality, Timely Deliverables

  • Scoped Management and Execution

  • Tracked and Monitored Progress

  • Identified and Resolved or Mitigated Blockers/Risks/Issues

  • Prepared and Executed Project Reviews

  • Managed Multiple Projects, Priorities and Deadlines

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Project and Contract Close Out

What We Do

  • Prepare, monitor, and adjust annual spend plans based on project flex.

  • Conduct “what if” scenarios to assist the government in deciding most efficient approaches for project staffing and execution.

  • Work with the COR, PCO, and DFAS to resolve invoicing issues and improve tracking process related to the contract’s extensive CLIN structure.

  • Adjust recruiting based to meet the program’s changing needs and increase in required billets for special projects. A total of 33 new, highly skilled team members were added within a 6-month period to meet project needs. Prepare reports, recommendations, and deliverables on time to provide the government with key information and details necessary for well-informed decision making.

  • Provide programs with detailed plans containing recommendations for continued program management with 50% lower budgetary controls from prior years and improved spend plan process.

  • Develop/refine finance collections PowerBI dashboard, built Finance Collections SharePoint List, and Automated email notifications when fields are not updated by deadline.

  • Initiated Capacity Planning and Management effort by defining processes and tools for estimating task Level of Effort (LOE), personnel resource capacity, and task backlog, incorporating Agile best practices to assist the government’s goal of moving from waterfall to Agile.

  • Automate population of SharePoint with Excel data improving information flow and reducing errors.

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