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We utilize industry best practices, such as ITIL and Lean Six Sigma, as well as DoD and DoD Component policy and frameworks, such as the DoD Enterprise Service Management Framework (DESMF) and Navy Process Reference Manual (NPRM). We apply these to address business and mission needs by assisting in establishing repeatable processes and actionable performance metrics to provide effective management of activities, knowledge, data, and information throughout our clients’ organizations.

Summary of Experience

  • Performed Process Capability Assessments of IT Service Management Lifecycle Practices.

  • Utilized the Falconwood-developed Navy Process Reference Model-based IT Service Management Lifecycle Service Assessment Tool to perform Service Team assessments on how well they align to ITSM Best Practices.

  • Developed/maintained several analysis tools to help government Leadership and Practice.

  • Performed and analyze task level analysis against standard frameworks, identifying various levels of where work is being performed, by whom, and how it is aligned within the organization and service lifecycle.

  • Analyzed organizational roles and align across multiple industry best practices & frameworks, including ITIL, Agile, SAFe, PMBOK, CMMI, DAU, TBM, and more.

  • Supported development of process and service-related metrics, Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors, including management of metric libraries.

  • Provided direction and subject matter expertise in the development of ITSM practices, including self-assessment, target and threshold development, purpose and scope alignment, and activity and task analysis and instruction/procedure development.

What We Do

  • Analyze and provide recommendations for adoption of emerging technologies and business process trends.

  • Provide insight and recommendations in the funding and execution of IT capabilities to adoption of an enterprise resourcing and programming model.

  • Provide strategic and tactical implementation guidance for full lifecycle management including Engineering Change Management processes and documentation of enterprise IT solutions and services.

  • Assist in ensuring tactical initiatives are planned and achieved that deliver near term value while pursuing long-term strategies.

  • Perform ongoing continuous service improvement of existing service management activities and processes using MBSE, DEVSECOPS, and Agile development practices.

  • Support the integration of other frameworks and standards such as, but not limited to: COBIT, ISO 20000, SFIA, DESMF and NPRM.

  • Provide senior level stakeholder and leadership briefs, awareness sessions and targeted training as necessary to increase the adoption of ITIL and prepare for implementation of ITIL based ITSM strategies, plans and processes.

  • Support leadership in executing the ITSM architecture framework.

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