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We deliver integrated logistics and product support expertise that aligns system capability with manpower, supply, training, facilities, transportation, and sustainment needs. We define support requirements, evaluate total lifecycle cost, and perform critical system support functions such as IT Asset Management, Manpower Planning & Training, Human Systems Integration, Maintenance Planning, Facilities & Data Center Management, and Technical Data Management.

Summary of Experience

  • Developed Acquisition Milestone and program sustainment documents (e.g., Lifecycle Sustainment Plan, Human Systems Integration Plan, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Management Plan, Supply Chain Risk Management Plan, Logistics Requirements Funding Summary, Spend Plan, Navy Training Systems Plan)

  • Performed validation and verification of CDRLs

  • Performed technical evaluation of proposals

  • Gathered, analyzed, and reported manpower data for program Manpower Estimates

  • Evaluated enterprise tools/capabilities to identify divestment and modernization

  • Developed enterprise training requirements review process

  • Developed learning paths, training plans, and interactive training materials including self-pace and instructor-led training courses

  • Facilitated inventory, custody transfer, and disposal of Government property in compliance with FAR/DFARS requirements

  • Performed obsolescence analysis to support modernization of network infrastructure

  • Created and managed tools/capabilities and analyzed for divestment and modernization opportunities

  • Identified critical facilities and non-IT infrastructure failures/vulnerabilities and managed repair/replacement

  • Administered enterprise tools/capabilities access.

What We Do

  • Develop and implement product support strategy 

  • Manage Government-owned property (HW and SW) through the asset life cycle

  • Perform virtual/physical asset audits/inventories

  • Facilitate integration, maintenance, and upgrade of electrical, mechanical, and other IT facility support systems

  • Develop Data Management Strategy

  • Assess enterprise tools and capabilities and manage access

  • Conduct manpower analysis

  • Develop training plans & multi-media training

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