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We empower clients with the seamless implementation of digital engineering. Our Systems Engineering and Modeling services are crafted to ensure that information systems and networks are meticulously designed to capitalize on agency architectures and IT standards. This guarantees optimal interoperability with other systems and networks, positioning your organization for success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.
Through our model-based system concepts, we engineer systems for reliability and maintainability, strategically leveraging commercial off- the-shelf technology and organizationally available resources for cost- effective solutions. We go beyond conventional approaches, drawing on lessons learned and industry-leading products to deliver quantifiable and quality benefits to our clients.

Summary of Experience

  • Developed/refined the technical requirements and deliverables of systems architecture

  • Created and maintained system models using MBSE environments and tools

  • Developed models to represent system architecture, behavior, and interfaces

  • Ensured traceability between requirements and system models

  • Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to refine system architecture

  • Conducted simulations to validate and verify system behavior

  • Lead or participated in engineering reviews, ensuring that stakeholders also thoroughly understand system models

  • Performed risk, performance, and reliability assessments for system

  • Integrated models from various domains to ensure a holistic view

  • Ensured adherence with established standards, instructions, and policies

  • Incorporated best practices for systems engineering into the modeling

  • Reviewed models for accuracy and consistency

  • Customized MBSE tools to meet specific project or organizational needs

  • Stayed updated on the latest features and capabilities of modeling tools

  • Implemented version control and configuration management of models

  • Provided access to training on MBSE methodologies and tools

What We Do

  • Define processes to manage and provide governance for Digital Engineering

  • Formalize the development, integration, and use of models Use models to inform enterprise and program decision making

  • Provide an enduring, authoritative source of truth Incorporate technological innovation to improve the engineering practice

  • Establish a supporting infrastructure to perform DE collaboration

  • Transform the culture and workforce to adopt and support digital engineering across the lifecycle

  • Establish modeling patterns and best practices

  • Share knowledge of digital engineering techniques

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