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We expertly aid clients in establishing, implementing, and sustaining Cloud Service adoption. We perform technical implementation, program management, and service management services to support our client's cloud adoption. We help our mission partners in determining appropriate migration approaches and service options to enable success. We provide technical implementation through a wide variety of solution types and vendor offerings along. We ensure that an organization's IT requirements, plans, and budgets are well-defined, defendable, executable, and consistent with industry best practices and policy.

Summary of Experience

  • Developed/refined the technical requirements and deliverables and service roadmaps.

  • Developed Acquisition Milestone documents (eg, Acquisition Strategy, Acquisition Plan, Cost Analysis & Requirements, Capability Sustainment Plan).

  • Developed migration plans, DEVSECOPS practices, and service security authorizations

  • Operated with SAFe Agile practices.

  • Integrated with other vendors and integrators.

  • Provided engineering support and architect level guidance and oversight.

  • Performed service migrations from on prem to cloud.

  • Refactored applications and services to improve performance and remove legacy dependencies, maturing to cloud native services.

  • Drove all steps in the Risk Management Framework to accredit solutions.

  • Identified and implemented cost savings opportunities with cloud solutions.

  • Established and implemented security policies for cloud resources.

  • Implemented full DEVSECOPS pipeline technologies for all types of workloads.

  • Performed Analysis of Alternatives and service acquisition recommendations that meet requirements.

  • Drove ITSM practices and process enhancements across the organization and cloud adoption

What We Do

  • Define acquisition organizations & organizational change

  • Develop contract requirements

  • Prepare and update RFI, RFQ, RFP, & FOPR packages

  • Develop and manage Milestone schedules

  • Develop and staff acquisition documentation

  • Analyze and categorize industry feedback

  • Support Source Selection Boards

  • Provide contract protest support, if required

  • Create product and service catalogs

  • Develop CLIN and Task Orders

  • Track invoices and deliveries

  • Process IT procurements and budgets

  • Prepare budget and POM submissions

  • Perform contract technical evaluations

  • Develop BCAs and perform gap analyses

  • Oversee contract execution

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